Understanding Boy World: Encouraging Healthy Friendships Amongst Boys – Held on 9th & 11th December 2014

Boy World graphic

John Khan (Lead practitioner with Anti-Bullying Works) ran this workshop twice – on the 9th December in Eastbourne and on 11th December in Billingshurst.

The workshops offered delegates an overview of the prevalence and types of bullying behaviour amongst young boys, whilst offering a range of practical strategies to help address friendship problems and bullying behaviour.

This half-day training event:

  • Explored how culturally defined gender roles and stereotypes affect boys’ behaviour and their friendships
  • Examined how popularity and status influences social hierarchies among boys
  • Considered how boys behave within individual friendship groups
  • Provided practical strategies to address a range of friendship problems and bullying behaviour.

Comments from participants:

The training was informative and drew my attention to issues that are largely overlooked when dealing with boys and bullying.

The training made me think about how expectations ‘putting them (boys) in box’ affects how they go on to behave in their friendship groups.

The training was delivered in a friendly and engaging manor….very enjoyable.

All of the topics covered in training happen every day….lots to think about and take back to school.

I am going to use some of the materials with the children and share the course with staff back at school. I found the activities on the role of the bystander very interesting.

It made me think more about dealing with boys’ friendship problems as a learning mentor.

The training will enable me to assess situation involving bullying a lot quicker and effectively.

I will introduce some of the resources and activities into our PHSE lessons and staff training. I liked the activities.

It helped me better understand how boys relationships work, so will help a lot when dealing with their friendship problems