Safer Internet Day 2016 Workshops



Over the years, Safer Internet Day (SID) has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar. These preparatory half-day training events held in Newhaven in East Sussex on 19th January 2016 and Billingshurst in West Sussex on 21st January 2016 provided delegates with an opportunity to focus on a range of themes identified as part of Safer Internet Day 2016 (Tuesday 9th February).  These include:

  • Empowering learners to create a better internet by being kind and respectful to others online
  • Protecting their online reputations
  • Responding to the negative by being ‘helpful bystanders’
  • Taking a stand against online bullying
  • How to support learners if they encounter issues online

A key feature of the training was to look at how schools can best equip learners with digital literacy skills they require for today’s world, and how to support learners if they encounter problems online by giving them the resilience, confidence and skills that they need to navigate the internet safely.

The aims of this half-day workshop were to:

  • Explore the national and local context of e-safety and the themes for Safer Internet Day 2016
  • Examine a range of curriculum resources to empower learners to make the best possible use of online technology, whilst staying safe in cyber space
  • Explore how parents & carers can help to respond to the negative by staying engaged with their child’s online activity and modelling positive online behaviours themselves

The training event was delivered by John Khan, lead practitioner for Anti-Bullying Works.

What other people said:
‘Very informative and highlighted the potential areas to look out for to ensure safety at school and home’ 

‘Really interactive and relevant information. Very enthusiastic presentation’ 

‘Good clear informative information. Really enjoyed the morning’

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You can download FREE RESOURCES for SID2016 on this website by clicking HERE or via the link on the ‘Resources’ menu above.


 Understanding Girls’ Friendship Groups, Cliques and Bullying Behaviour

girlsThese workshops continue to be very popular. 40 delegates attended our most recent sessions in Ringmer, East Sussex on the 8th December and Billingshurst, West Sussex on the 10th.

Friendships mean the world to girls, but like any relationship, they have their ups and downs. Evidence suggests that girls’ friendships and bullying behaviour are far more complex and difficult to deal with than friendship problems and bullying behaviour amongst their male counterparts, as girls’ friendship can often be personal, psychological and emotionally destructive.

The training provides delegates with an insight and understanding into the social dynamics that exist within girls’ friendship groups and cliques, whilst offering the opportunity to explore a range of practical problem-solving strategies to deal with friendship problems and bullying behaviour.

This half-day training event aims to:

  • Examine how girls behave within individual friendship groups and cliques
  • Explore the nature of bullying behaviour amongst girls
  • Provide practical strategies to address friendship problems and bullying behaviour
  • Consider how to empower girls to leave a clique safely

The training event was hosted by John Khan, lead practitioner for Anti-Bullying Works and former Head of East Sussex’s Anti-Bullying Team.

This workshop is available for bookings in other areas. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements

Anti-Bullying Week 2015 – Preparation Workshop


Anti-Bullying Works invited staff from schools and other community organisations to attend our established events to examine the theme for National Anti-Bullying Week 2015:

Make a No!se About Bullying!’

– which aims to co-ordinate and support anti-bullying work in schools and the community.

These workshops were held at:

Seahaven Academy, Newhaven on Tuesday 20th October 2015

Billingshurst Community & Conference Centre on Thursday 22nd October 2015

This half-day training event was intended to:

  • Inform, enthuse and inspire staff from schools and other community organisations to address all forms bullying behaviour during National Anti-Bullying Week and beyond
  • Provide an overview of this years’ theme within the context of the new Ofsted framework
  • Examine a range of curriculum resources to encourage inclusive attitudes amongst children and young people

 The key aims of Anti-Bullying Week 2015 are:

  • To empower children and young people to make a noise about bullying
  • To encourage ‘talking schools’ where all children and young people are given a safe space to discuss bullying
  • To equip teachers to respond effectively when children tell them they’re being bullied
  • To raise awareness of the impact of bullying on children’s lives if they don’t tell anyone it’s happening

ALSO SEE our Anti-Bullying Week Resources Page

 Understanding Cyberbullying – CPD Accredited Training – University of Sussex, Brighton: 12th June 2015

Cyber20 people attended this informative & stimulating, CPD Accredited training day for schools, colleges, youth organisations and local authority leads, which was delivered by experienced trainers:

  • Adrienne Katz – Director of BIG Award & Youthworks Consulting, and author of:

‘Cyberbullying and E-Safety – What Educators Need to Know’

‘Making Your Primary School E-Safe’

  • Paul Rigglesford – Director of Anti-Bullying Works

Course Aims 

  • To provide you with up-to-date information and key messages about cyberbullying
  • To help you develop effective and coherent cyberbullying and e-safety policies and procedures
  • To provide you with a range of practical and stimulating ways to work with children and young people

Comments from Participants:

Very informative – loads to think about and even more to implement.

Valuable, interesting training. Very glad I attended.

The presenters were very well informed and gave lots of examples to follow and use.

I wrote lots of action notes!

Great Presentation. Good amount of time on each task – didn’t get bored.

Good resources.

Very interesting and I have gained new knowledge in what to look for.

Excellent day – thank you!

Very helpful and informative.

Extremely informative and relevant, very useful.

We will be repeating this training in early 2016.

Watch our ‘Upcoming Events’ page for details!



Smooth Primary-Secondary Transition Training – 18th & 20th May 2015

TransitionThese training events were held in Eastbourne and Billingshurst and hosted by John Khan, lead practitioner for Anti-Bullying Works

The workshops were well attended and provided an opportunity to take away a wealth of practical ideas, activities and strategies to assist vulnerable pupils to develop resilience and friendship skills.

Key aims of the training:

  • Examine what makes a successful transition, such as making new friends and coping with change
  • Provide activities and strategies that promote resilience, improve self-esteem and confidence, and develop key friendship skills
  • Know how to provide a positive transition experience for your vulnerable children whilst ensuring all groups of pupils are appropriately supported
  • Come away with top tips for co-ordinating innovative and successful induction days

Previous delegates have said:

‘The training was clear with a good balance of discussion and interactive resources to take back to school’

‘Fantastic & energetic with example-led explanations and activities’ 

 ‘John was great and gave us plenty of time to talk about our experiences’