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According to the National Centre for Social Research published in 2011 – Estimating the prevalence of young people absent from school due to Bullying’ – bullying was the fifth most common reason provided for school absence – identified by 18% of parents – for the number of young people of secondary school age (aged 11-15) frequently absent from school.

For children and young people who are electively home educated, when it came to the main reason for the young person being home educated,  bullying was the most common, selected by 18.4% – just less than one in five.

Natcen’s research estimated that 16,493 young people aged 11-15 are absent from state schools, where bullying is the main reason for absence.

You can read the full report here

Research for Childline and the Department for Education found that just over half (54%) of both primary and secondary schools children thought that bullying was a ‘big’ problem in their school. Bullying behaviour is linked to stalking, rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment and murder.

Anti-Bullying Works strongly supports a whole-school community approach to preventing and responding to bullying. At the heart of this lies the engagement and participation of young people.

Anti-Bullying Works believes that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that all children and young people are given the opportunity and encouragement to speak out and have their voices heard on matters that directly affect them. Nowhere is this more important than on the issue of bullying. All activities and resources on this website reflect this belief.

Anti-Bullying Works is working collaboratively with the national BIG award.

Schools, organisations and services following ABW recommendations can fulfil the criteria to apply for a BIG award – Find out more.