Solution-Focused approach

“There’s nothing wrong with you that what’s right with you can’t fix.”

The main principles of the approach are to support people in making a shift from being ‘problem-focused’ to being ‘solution–focused’.

This is achieved by holding a core set of beliefs when working with others:

  • We don’t need to fully understand the problem before we can find a solution
  • Everyone has the strengths and resources to help themselves
  • There will already be something that is working
  • Change can happen in very small steps
  • No matter how bad the problems is, it doesn’t happen all the time
  • We can’t change the past so we should focus on the future
  • Having a clear idea where you want to be makes it more likely that you will get there

The solution focused approach can be used in a wide variety of ways in schools to help pupils (or staff for that matter) make changes for the better.

Pupils enjoy the experience and gain a lot from it, beyond the immediate problem. It is a skilled intervention and does require trained staff.

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