Safer Internet Day 2016 Workshops



Over the years, Safer Internet Day (SID) has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar. These preparatory half-day training events held in Newhaven in East Sussex on 19th January 2016 and Billingshurst in West Sussex on 21st January 2016 provided delegates with an opportunity to focus on a range of themes identified as part of Safer Internet Day 2016 (Tuesday 9th February).  These include:

  • Empowering learners to create a better internet by being kind and respectful to others online
  • Protecting their online reputations
  • Responding to the negative by being ‘helpful bystanders’
  • Taking a stand against online bullying
  • How to support learners if they encounter issues online

A key feature of the training was to look at how schools can best equip learners with digital literacy skills they require for today’s world, and how to support learners if they encounter problems online by giving them the resilience, confidence and skills that they need to navigate the internet safely.

The aims of this half-day workshop were to:

  • Explore the national and local context of e-safety and the themes for Safer Internet Day 2016
  • Examine a range of curriculum resources to empower learners to make the best possible use of online technology, whilst staying safe in cyber space
  • Explore how parents & carers can help to respond to the negative by staying engaged with their child’s online activity and modelling positive online behaviours themselves

The training event was delivered by John Khan, lead practitioner for Anti-Bullying Works.

What other people said:
‘Very informative and highlighted the potential areas to look out for to ensure safety at school and home’ 

‘Really interactive and relevant information. Very enthusiastic presentation’ 

‘Good clear informative information. Really enjoyed the morning’

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You can download FREE RESOURCES for SID2016 on this website by clicking HERE or via the link on the ‘Resources’ menu above.