“Want to know the secret of how to help your pupils deal with bullying behaviour?”

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  • How would it feel to give every child in your school the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to deal with the everyday ups and downs of playground life?

  • Imagine if every child could learn a few simple skills to help to eradicate any bullying behaviour in their school!

  • What would it feel like to be able to create a very special learning environment where children can explore their feelings about bullying, grow in confidence and take responsibility for their own actions?

Hi, my name is Jo Losack and I’m on a mission to help every school in the country – and every pupil! I want to enable teaching staff to help young people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to make bullying issues a thing of the past.

After years of working with primary school children and their families, I have developed a ’No More Bullying’ Toolbox – a box of brilliant new tools to help you solve the issues surrounding bullying behaviour.

The ‘No More Bullying’ Toolbox is designed to enable you to easily meet the aims and objectives of the national curriculum guidelines for PHSE.

Want to know more?

The toolbox contains a “Build It Yourself Educational Board game” – an entire board game that you can literally download, print out, and make in the classroom!

No More Bullying GameDoing this enables you to get the pupils involved from the very beginning – cutting, sticking, and getting them talking about bullying issues from the very start!

The ‘No More Bullying’ Board Game will enable you to create an effective learning environment, where pupils can feel secure and have their contributions valued.

Your pupils will have the opportunity to discuss their views and help you to help them take responsibility for their actions.

The board game is aimed at pupils aged 5 to 11 but here’s the best bit …

The toolbox is so simple to use, older children can facilitate the younger ones.

How much more positive is the message going to be, if it is delivered by older children to younger ones?

Being involved in the board game will help pupils to:

  • Develop self-esteem and confidence
  • Behave responsibly and take responsibility for their own actions
  • Appreciate the views and feelings of others
  • Respect the differences between people
  • Deal with their feelings and develop good relationships
  • Discuss and debate issues
  • Realise the consequences of bullying behaviour
  • Resolve differences by looking at alternatives
  • Discuss and develop moral issues
  • Know how and when to ask for help
  • Realise that their actions affect themselves and others

There’s more! In addition to the board game, your download also includes:

  • Personal goal-setting cards so that pupils can set their own goals to help prevent any bullying behaviour.
  • Certificates for each pupil who takes part and contributes during the game.
  • Posters for the classroom, corridors and special assemblies.
  • Stickers to distribute to all pupils – print off as many as you wish!

It will help you to:

  • ensure that everyone can contribute
  • allow for different learning styles
  • prepare pupils to set personal goals for the future
  • make the most of their individual abilities
  • provide pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them to play an active role as a citizen

In just two minutes... You could be starting your journey to ‘No More Bullying' in your school

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