The BIG Award

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B.I.G is the Bullying Intervention Group is an organisation who has developed the first ever National award for Bullying Intervention – the BIG Award. The award is available to all schools, colleges and community organisations who are working with children and young people on bullying and related issues. (There is also a workplace version of the award as well.)


A recognisable award shows that schools and services take bullying and inclusion seriously.

When your school or service achieves the BIG AWARD you will be able to:-

  • Show you are working to an externally agreed standard
  • Employ consistent and updated good practice
  • Actively include children and young people
  • Work to ensure that every child can fulfil their potential and enjoy community activities, without fear of being bullied

Additionally, those signed up as members of the scheme have access to a wide range of additional resources to support their anti-bullying work.

The award is recommended by ChildLine founder Esther Rantzen and is also supported by The Diana Award.

Anti-Bullying Works is pleased to be working with B.I.G. to support applicants to achieve the award.

For more information about B.I.G. and the BIG Award, visit their website: